Durban Fire Conference - 14 to 17 July 2022

Event Date: 14/07/2022 - 17/07/2022

Event Time: All Day

Event Location:UCSA Winklespruit Camp Centre, 3 Foster Road, Winklespruit, 4126

It’s time for our Durban Fire Conference. We can’t wait to join you as we experience God in a brand new way! These conference sessions aim to show you the manifest presence and power of God in a real and tangible way that you can truly have the chance to encounter the Fire of God like never before.

There will be 6 powerful sessions during the camp.

  • 1. Thursday Night (14 July 2022 @ 18h00)
  • 2. Friday Morning (15 July 2022 @ 09h00)
  • 3. Friday Evening (15 July 2022 @ 18h00)
  • 4. Saturday Morning (16 July 2022 @ 09h00)
  • 5. Saturday Evening (16 July 2022 @ 18h00)
  • 6. Sunday Morning (17 July 2022 @ 09h00)

Camping Details & Costs:

  • R 1100 per person.
  • 8 Meals included in price
  • We can not cater for special dietary requirements or allergies, if you do have food allergies or special dietary needs you will need to bring your own meals with.
  • There is no age limit if you would like to bring your children with, they will still need to pay full price.

What YOU need to BRING:

  • * Own Bedding
  • * Towels
  • * Cutlery & Crockery
  • * Dishwashing Liquid & Dishcloth
  • * Toilet Paper
  • * Insect repellent, sunblock, etc.

Accommodation Options:

  • Please note that men are allocated beds separately to women. Men and women sleep separately on this camp.
  • Tickets will be available @ R 1100 per person, meals included.
  • Off site tickets also available @ R 1100 per person, campsite entry and meals included. You will be responsible for your own accommodation.

Meal Times:

  • * Breakfast: 7h30 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
  • * Lunch: 12h30 (Friday and Saturday)
  • * Dinner: 16h30 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

Once your booking is successful you will receive two emails as confirmation. Please print the email with your booking ID and summary as your proof for entrance into the campsite and so that we can keep track. You do not have to print the PayFast email.

We can’t wait to see you and enjoy the fire of God together.

God bless!


Please note: You will have to enter each attendees details. The person making the booking will have to put in their details again at the bottom.

Ticket Type Price Spaces
Single Ticket (Female)
Shared rooms, meals included
Single Ticket (Male)
Shared rooms, meals included
Single Ticket (Own accommodation)
Entrance to campsite and meals included

Details of person booking the event:

Indemnity Form

I, the person booking this event as well as the people whom I am booking for, understand and appreciate the inherent risks and dangers of the location of the camp site, being outside of an urban environment in natural surroundings.

We also take note of the fact that the ocean/beach is very close to the premises.

We acknowledge and undertake that, if any person in our booked group should die or sustain personal injuries, or should any of our personal belongings be lost or damaged, we will have no claim of any nature, from whatsoever cause against Father's Heart Digital Church or the UCSA Winklespruit camp centre, their personnel, contractors, directors or shareholders and we indemnify and hold Father's Heart Digital Church and UCSA Winklespruit camp centre, their personnel, contractors or directors harmless against any such liability, claims, demands and actions.

We confirm that we have read and accept the rules of the campsite and undertake to ensure that the rules are complied with at all times.

Without limiting the generality of the a foregoing, we hereby confirm that we am aware of the following rules pertaining to the beach area:

  • Children under 16 years of age may only use the beach area under supervision of an adult (older than 18 years).
  • We take full responsibility for the beach area and undertake to see that nobody swims when no adult supervision is available.
  • The same goes for any water based activity.


By submitting this form and checking the agreement box, we declare that we acknowledge and accept this indemnity form as legal and binding from the date of submitting our registration.

We hereby agree to the Indemnity Form for the Fire Conference at UCSA Winklespruit camp centre (14 to 17 July 2022)

Booking your spot will redirect you to our PayFast Payment gateway that will enable you to pay via debit or credit card as well as instant eft. This payment method is regulated and safe to use.